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Professional Commercial AC Maintenance, Repair and Installation Services in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Why deal with the heat when technicians at Nexstar Mechanical Services Ltd are at your service? With over 35 years of experience in the industry, we have always helped our commercial customers with quality AC systems. We offer commercial AC maintenance, repair and installation services in Manitoba. Our team uses the latest equipment and tools to deliver professional and timely services. If you need reliable commercial AC services in Winnipeg, Manitoba. reach out to us.

Commercial AC Repair in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Our licensed and certified air conditioner repair technicians work promptly to get your air conditioners fixed and functional.

We make sure that you remain comfortable and happy in your space with your AC cooling properly. Whether it is an emergency repair or routine maintenance, you can count on us!

Common Issues for Repair

Some of the common issues that can arise with your air conditioner system include the following:

  • Clogged or dirty filter

  • Defective/damaged thermostat

  • Refrigerant/coolant leaks

  • Clogged drainage

  • Damaged breakers and fuses

  • Capacitor burn out

  • Failed compressor

  • Corroded evaporator coils

  • Dirty condenser coils

  • Worn contactor

  • Overgrown vegetation on the outdoor units

If you face any of these problems with your AC unit, connect with us immediately. Our AC repair technicians can fix the issues before they get worsen.

Commercial AC Maintenance in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Getting your air conditioner unit serviced once a year helps maintain the system. It keeps your system running efficiently for a long time. When you call Nexstar Mechanical Services Ltd for an AC maintenance service, we will clean the ducts, perform system tune-ups and check its energy efficiency. You can rely on us for efficient services and transparent pricing.

Commercial AC Installation Services in Winnipeg, Manitoba

If you are looking to install a new AC unit in your commercial establishment in Manitoba, Nexstar Mechanical Services Ltd is the company to call. We install air conditioners to make sure you, your customers, and your employees enjoy improved comfort during the summer heat. We follow all manufacturer specifications during installation to ensure optimal system performance. For more information or to request AC installation, reach out to us.

Indoor Air Quality and Comfort

The indoor environment of your commercial property is important for your business. This helps you conduct efficient operations while meeting high air quality and comfort standards. So, we are your go-to choice for all your commercial HVAC services. We specialize in the repair, installation and maintenance of your air conditioners, furnaces, ventilators and more. No matter the make, brand or model, we can work on it. Count on us for the following:

Air conditionning

Gasfitters 'A' and 'B'

Boiler systems (steam, hot water, process)

Rooftop heat/cool units

Chillers (water, glycol, brine, process)

Make-up air units

Air handling units

Exhaust systems

Unit heaters

Radiant heat systems


Split systems

Data room systems

Heat and HRV recovery ventilators


Air quality

Storage tanks

In-floor heating

Natural gas, electric, and propane systems

Air dryers

Ductless split systems

When you choose us, rest assured your AC system is in safe hands. We will diagnose and repair your air conditioning system and identify the best possible options to keep it running smoothly. Give us a call today to learn more. We will be happy to help you.

Commercial HVAC Services

Is your commercial property's heating or cooling system not functioning well? We can help you.

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