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Proper ventilation is essential to maintain a healthy residential/business environment. The indoor air quality may reduce or get contaminated without adequate air circulation. Nexstar Mechanical Services Ltd is the place you can come to if you require reliable commercial ventilation contractors in Winnipeg. The entire heating and cooling process in a well-ventilated property is more efficient and effective. Whether the project is big or small, we have the expertise to handle it all. You can count on us for the following services :

Fan repairs

Humidity control

HRV system services

Range exhaust

Dish rooms for restaurants

The main functions of a ventilation system are to filter indoor air and let out all the contaminants, and filter the outdoor air and let in only the fresh air inside. You should also make sure that the exhaust fans of your system are of the right size and placed in the right direction. Having huge fans placed in the wrong direction will create a negative pressure resulting in the emission of dangerous exhaust fumes. For more information about installation-repair services, please get in touch with us


As one of Winnipeg's leading commercial ventilation contractors, we understand the crucial role of ventilation systems. The primary function of a ventilation system is to circulate fresh outdoor air, remove stale air, and regulate indoor temperature and humidity levels. It can help you maintain indoor air quality and keep a comfortable working environment. At Nexstar Mechanical Services Ltd, we can assist you in repairing, maintaining, and installing ventilation systems through our 24-hour service. Contact our team for more information about our wide array of services.


It is essential to ensure your ventilation system works efficiently. It can assist in keeping good air quality in the building.


Proper ventilation can improve the following aspects:


Air quality

There are plenty of pollutants inside the commercial building. Ventilation maintains clean airflow while removing contaminants. It will also remove condensation and maintain a constant temperature and humidity in the building.  

Quality of Life

A good ventilation system will reduce the chances that your employees experience headaches, asthma, or breathing problems caused by low air quality. A proper system can help make a healthier life.

Nexstar Mechanical Services Ltd is one of the most reliable commercial ventilation contractors in Winnipeg. Book an appointment today.


With over three decades of experience at Nexstar Mechanical Services Ltd, we provide top-quality services to optimize your ventilation system. From routine maintenance to installing new systems, we have the experience to handle any project. Don't let a malfunctioning ventilation system negatively impact your employee's health or energy costs. Contact our team to schedule a consultation and learn more about our ventilation services.

Commercial HVAC Services

Is the heating or cooling system of your commercial property not functioning well? We can help you.  

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