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Having a malfunctioning HVAC system in your house is a nuisance. Extreme temperatures are going to make your indoor stays miserable. So, turn to the professionals at Nexstar Mechanical Services Ltd for residential HVAC services in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Our team will arrive at your property, inspect the unit thoroughly and fix your HVAC system in no time.

Don’t always wait until something happens. Scheduling regular maintenance services for your heating, cooling or ventilation system will avoid sudden breakdowns and enhances the life of the equipment. Our technicians are available 24 hours to accommodate any residential heating or cooling issue. To learn more about our services or request your free estimate, please feel free to reach out to us. Listed below are our specialities: 

Air conditioning




HRV (heat recovery ventilation)

Hot water heaters


In-floor heating for home and garage


New pool heaters

Gas stoves

Garage heaters - sump pumps

Ductless split systems

Take a look at the residential heating services we offer:

 Residential Boilers 
Over time, residents in Manitoba are choosing larger and high-efficiency heating alternatives over boilers. As traditional equipment, boilers do have their benefits. They provide heat like no other unit and offer the cleanest and quietest residential heating possible. It is commonly used with a ductless AC system promoting a clean and quiet indoor environment.

 Steam Radiators
Steam radiators are considered as one of the earliest forms of residential heating. They remove the need for pumps, as the steam handles the flow through the pipes from its pressure. This system is generally used for heating large, tall buildings because of this feature and it requires high temperatures to operate such systems. Hence, it is not considered as the most-efficient option. At times, steam radiators emit loud ‘knocking’ sounds which are caused when the steam condensed in the horizontal section of the pipes creates a ‘slug.’ This slug eventually is forced through the piping at a high velocity, emitting a loud, knocking sound upon impact with the pipefitting. This is the result of the poor condensate drainage system in the buildings.


 Gas Heating
Gas heating systems are generally classified into two categories, flued and non-flued. A flued system is something that is permanently installed in your property, whereas a non-flued system can either be permanently installed or portable. 


 Forced Air Systems
The job of a forced air system is to circulate warm air to different rooms of a building using a series of fans to pull cooler air back to the furnace for re-heating. These systems usually have two sets of ducts within the building. One is for the warm air and the other for the cool air. The system is advantageous as it creates ease for the installation of a central air cooling system, as only a cooling coil needs to be added at the outlet of the furnace.


Take a look at the residential cooling services we offer:

 Central Air
Central air systems are highly efficient and are installed in most homes. In many cases, if you`re looking at installing central air in your home, you want to ensure the proper steps and procedures are completed by an experienced team to get the job done . However, this system can be used for heating during the winter and cooling during the summer season. 

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Keep the temperature of your home comfortable with our quality heating and cooling services. 

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