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Is your boiler not functioning up to the mark, or is it making weird noises? If so, it’s time you book your service with Nexstar Mechanical Services Ltd. Our team, with over 35 years of experience, aims to offer quality boiler services in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Our technicians will install, repair, replace and maintain your boilers with dedication from start to finish. Come to us for:  

Commercial boiler repairs

Heating/hot water

Water treatment and water quality checks

Electrical services

Process and industrial pipework

Thermal insulation

Would you like to know more about our boiler services in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas? Contact us today for a quote.

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Boiler Repair 

When something goes wrong with your boiler, you need experts who can address the problem quickly and efficiently. Nexstar Mechanical Services Ltd offers reliable repair services. When you contact us, we offer a quick response with minimal wait time. Our technicians will inspect your boiler thoroughly to identify the source of the problem. Once we know what the issue is, we will provide you with a quote. After you give us the go-ahead, we will get down to fixing the problem with careful attention. We understand that a damaged boiler can disrupt your daily routine. For this reason, we work quickly and provide long-term solutions. Our HVAC contractors can work on most makes and models.  


If you notice any problems with your boiler, we advise you to address them as soon as possible. If you wait, the issue will only become worse , costing you in pricey repairs or a replacement later. 

Boiler Maintenance 

The one sure way of avoiding the need for boiler repair is scheduling routine maintenance. Like most other HVAC equipment, the chances of a boiler breaking down increase the longer it goes without maintenance. Failure to maintain your boiler can result in problems, including inefficient fuel consumption, carbon monoxide pollution, and ultimately a breakdown. Boiler maintenance helps avoid the costs of frequent repairs.  


Our boiler services in Winnipeg include boiler maintenance. We can help you increase your boiler's lifespan. Please contact us to schedule a boiler service today.  

Boiler Installation 

Are you considering replacing your old boiler? Our HVAC experts can help you with boiler installations in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. Old boilers are often expensive to run and can lead to immense energy wastage. Our team can replace your current boiler with an energy-efficient model that meets your hot water requirements. We have the experience and equipment to install boilers on all types of properties. We carry out the maintenance by adhering to the highest standards so your new unit can function optimally.  


Please speak to us if you require boiler services in Winnipeg. Our experts offer a range of quality residential and commercial HVAC solutions.  

Common Boiler Problems 

Often, people don't pay attention to the signs exhibited by their boilers, which indicate the need for repair. This can aggravate the problem, leading to a boiler breakdown. Some common boiler problems we help with are: 

  • Intermittent heating  

  • Dripping and leaking  

  • Whistling and banging noises 

  • Faulty pilot light 

  • Frozen condensate pipe 

  • Boiler turning off 

  • Low pressure 

  • No power at the boiler 


If there are any issues with your boiler, please schedule our boiler services in Winnipeg. We have the expertise to handle any boiler issues. We will devise swift solutions without compromising on quality.  

When Would Your Boiler Need a Check?

Any equipment should be maintained and serviced regularly to ensure its optimum functionality and long life. If you tend to notice certain signs such as weird noises, thermostat issues, low water levels or failing radiators, consult us right away. Our team will arrive at your property and carry out the entire service with the utmost care and consideration. We use a streamlined process and the latest equipment to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Call us to book an appointment. We work on boilers of all major brands.

Contact Us for Boiler Services in Winnipeg 

Our HVAC contractors are always welcoming new clients. We service properties with customized HVAC solutions that add value and functionality. Whether your reach out to us with boiler trouble or ventilation issues, we will provide the best solutions possible. We are very forthcoming with information and are transparent about our rates and services. Please contact us with your HVAC needs today.  

Commercial HVAC Services

Is the heating or cooling system of your commercial property not functioning well? We can help you.  

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