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3 Signs Your Geothermal System Needs Repair or Replacement

geothermal system

A geothermal system is an eco-friendly HVAC option for people who want to ensure they can heat up or cool their homes without continuing to damage the environment.

The geothermal system has been gaining popularity, with thousands of units installed. If you've had a geothermal system installed in your home, you might be wondering about the signs of the need for repair or replacement of the system.

Noticing the signs that indicate a need for repair and promptly taking action can extend the lifespan of your system.

Signs Your Geothermal System Needs a Repair

1. Increase in Rattling Noise

The first sign that your system might require repair is when the system has rattling noise. This is common when your geothermal system gets older due to wear and tear.

When you turn it on, you might notice that it rattles or makes a noise like a grinding sound.

Normally, the system's compressor produces a sound similar to the refrigerator. Yet, if the noise surpasses this standard level, it's a sign that something isn't working properly.

2. Loss of Power/ Spotty Power

If your home's heating or cooling isn't operating efficiently, it's a clear indicator. This suggests the potential need for a geothermal system repair. Without proper power support, your home isn't heated or cooled properly.

When such a situation happens, it signifies an internal issue that requires immediate addressing. This issue could come from a variety of causes, including dirt accumulation, issues with power supply from hydro, or issues with electrical wiring connections.

3. Burning Smell

When turning on your geothermal system if you detect the scent of something burning, you need to turn it off and contact professional repair services immediately. The unit is composed of several electrical elements, and a burning smell could indicate short-circuiting issues or wires that have melted.

This smell could also be caused by dust accumulation within the heater coils of the system.

4. Higher Energy Costs

When you notice there is a higher energy consumption on your bill, this could signify there is an issue with your geothermal system. Calling in an expert will help confirm that there is an issue with your system, and take action on necessary repairs.

Does Your System Need a Repair or Replacement?

After having a geothermal installation, there will be a time when you need to have it repaired or replaced, depending on the signs you notice. You might hear strange sounds or smell something burning; all signs you need to act quickly.

The list above shows the signs that you need your system repaired or replaced. Nexstar Mechanical Services LTD offers geothermal system repair and replacement services in Winnipeg. Contact us and let us service your system today.


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